HHS Additional Grant Money Available - Must File TODAY!

As a physician, you have made extraordinary efforts during this pandemic.

E Central Medical Management continues to make every effort to support and assist you by keeping you updated on the rapidly evolving funding landscape. Our understanding today is that the latest round of HHS grant dollars are quickly being depleted. Therefore, we strongly encourage our clients to apply for this additional HHS grant funding today.

The application process is simple; it should only require 15-30 minutes of your time.

It is absolutely necessary for you to apply today - Sunday, April 26, 2020! Call us if you need additional information or projections.

Please click this link to begin the process:

Information required to complete the on-line application:



Amount of last HHS payment you received

Last tax return filed (2018 OR 2019)

Estimated Revenue Loss for March

Potential Revenue Loss for April

Then attest that you are financially impacted by this pandemic.