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"In early 2018, Vinod Gulati, MD, found his practice going through a transition. Two partners were breaking off, and Dr. Gulati planned to continue his primary care practice with one other physician and two nurse practitioners. The legal name would change, and the providers needed to expedite their credentialing with insurance panels. At the same time, Dr. Gulati was dissatisfied with the billing company that his former group had been using. There was a consistent lag of weeks before bills would be submitted to insurance carriers, and the company often failed to bill patients for the 20% that was their contractual responsibility.
Several colleagues recommended ECM, so Dr. Gulati and the office manager, Kim Kieninger, asked to meet with ECM President Louis Burke and Anthony Vuozzo, Director of Credentialing and Implementation.
They found that ECM offered them a solution that addressed both the operational aspects of the practice transition as well as their ongoing coding, billing and collection needs.
“We were going through the process of changing the name and practice entity,” Kim explained. “ECM got our providers credentialed quickly. Tony did a great job of doing all of that for me. It was fantastic.”
Although the new practice configuration included two fewer providers, Ms. Kieninger said that each remaining provider experienced a revenue increase within the first month of working with ECM.
“Moving the billing to a new company, you get worried that something is going to be left behind,” Kieninger said. “ECM did a very good job. There was no lull in any payments to us. We expected that the transition would take months, but I found that within the first month after switching to ECM, we had an increase in payments.”
She also noticed a stark difference in ECM’s approach to handling the practice’s billing and collections.
“ECM is more diligent in getting the work out quickly and being aggressive with the insurance companies,” she said. ECM has also worked with the practice to ensure that they are coding the bills appropriately in order to receive the full reimbursement for the services they provide.
Kim and Dr. Gulati are also pleased with the monthly reporting they receive from ECM, which makes it easy for them to track productivity, measure and compare their financial performance on an ongoing basis.
“They send me a productivity analysis, so I know exactly what doctor brings in how much revenue, broken by down by facilities,” Kim noted. “Each month I receive a full report which includes a financial history going back to when we started. I’m very satisfied.”
But the bottom line is truly the bottom line, which for Dr. Gulati’s practice is on a steadily increasing trajectory thanks to the expertise that ECM provides.
“Since we left our previous billing company, the income has gone up tremendously,” said Kim. “It is due to the fact that ECM taught us how to code and made sure that we understand what we can code for. Also, our old billing company did not bill for 20% differences. And ECM is quick with turnaround. They get the billing out in a timely fashion. If I bill today, it’s out tonight.”
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Helping a Practice in Transition