Why should I use a medical billing company?

Generally, hiring a full or part-time staff biller is more costly than outsourcing that function to ECM. We charge a percentage of recovered money or a monthly fee depending on the scope of services, and we doggedly go after everything from denials to patient collections to earn it. Consider all of the costs of hiring a staff biller: salary, benefits, office supplies, payroll taxes and uncollected claims. There are additional soft costs including improper filing, patient collection activities and your time. With lower costs and increased revenues, ECM's solution makes solid financial sense.

How long does it take to get started?

We can start processing most claims in as little as one week.

Do I have to use your EMR?

No. We can work with your EMR and extract the data we require.

Do you have a CPC on staff?

Coding is in our DNA. Not only do we have CPCs on staff but our President is a certified coder.

How do I know if my patient receivables are out of line?

How does your practice stack up against the 17.7% national average of patient receivables older than 120 days? If your practice is near that average, we’ll improve it dramatically because we are incentivized to do so. Or, we can train your staff member to a highly improved performance level.

How knowledgeable is your biller?

Statistics have shown that 59% of in-house billers fail to review explanations of benefits. Even worse, 55% of billers have never appealed a denied claim. That means you may be delivering about 20% of your services for free because in-house billing often fails to obtain superior payment standards. Our billers are trained and experienced at all aspects of their jobs, making them highly effective at recovering reimbursement.

How can I stay abreast of how my fee schedules are being reduced, the increasing complexity of billing and payer consolidation?

When you use ECM, you don’t have to worry about changing fee schedules, complex billing practices or other payment issues. We will keep you abreast of industry developments that affect your bottom line.

How can I devote more time to patient care or practice development and less on administrative and billing issues?

We can make it happen. Call us today at 516-775-8600 and ask for ECM principals Louis or Bert to learn how we can help you devote more time to patients and far less time to administrative details.

How can I achieve an average 88% net collection ratio while at the same time reducing my operating costs?

Call us today at 516-775-8600 and ask for ECM principals Louis or Bert to learn more.

Is there a way to successfully contest insurance company underpayments which consume a major part of my earned compensation?

We can put a stop to that. Call us today at 516-775-8600 and ask for ECM principals Louis or Bert to find out more.

How does ECM handle denials?

We vigorously contest every denial or low payment right up to the Insurance Commissioner of New York by using a proprietary collection system, to ensure proper reimbursement.

Can you help us with State and Federal incentives?

Yes. We have an entire team that works with you to make sure your practice is receiving all the federal and state funding to which you are entitled.