Hey Aetna where are my EOBs?

If you have been receiving checks from Aetna without an explanation of benefits (EOBs) and don’t know what to do your in the right place. As of June 14th Aetna has started the process of reducing their paper usage by discontinuing mailings of paper EOBs. This means if you are not enrolled with Navinet or receiving EOBs from your clearinghouse you have now way of tracking your payments and reconciling your accounts receivable.

1. Enroll in Navinet at to get access to Aetna EOBs for printing or importing into your practice management system (PMS).


2. Have your PMS Vendor / Clearinghouse enroll you for Aetna EOB access. This is also termed electronic remittance advice (ERA)


3. Complete an Aetna opt out form to go back to paper EOBs. We have this form available on our website for your convenience > ecm communicator > Aetna Opt Out
a. If you opt out you must remember that its only a matter of time before the other insurance plans follow Aetna, United & Medicare’s lead. And at that point you will have no choice but to adopt.

Aetna and many of the other plans have been pushing the adoption of electronic funds transfer (EFT) this is another step to decrease paper, get paid faster and automate manual processes.

If you have any questions in regards to streamlining the above mentioned processes please contact Bert Lurch of Ecentral Medical Management a leader in healthcare solutions for small to mid size practices @ or 800-685-9728 ext 703.