Fidelis Parent Company Completes Wellcare Purchase and More News You Need Today

Centene, the parent company of Fidelis, has completed its purchase of some of the Wellcare lines of business. Effective 6/1/2020, Centene has completed the transition of all Wellcare members under NY Medicaid/CHP/Essential Plan and MLTC to Fideliscare of New York. As of that date all Fideliscare providers can begin to see the Wellcare members. Those claims would then be billed to Fideliscare and Fideliscare will honor all previously obtained authorizations. Providers only participating with Wellcare but not Fidelis will not be able to see those Medicaid Members transitioned after 6/1/2020. Wellcare Medicare members will remain as is and can continue to be seen by Wellcare Providers. If you are not a Fidelis physician, please contact us so we can try to get you credentialed into Fidelis. Keep in mind Fidelis is closed in many New York zip codes but it is still worth investigating.


In Other News

SBA EIDL Loan Program reopened...The Small Business Administration announced on June 15 that it has reopened the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) and EIDL Advance program portal to eligible applicants experience economic impacts due to COVID-19. For more information, please visit the SBA disaster assistance website at

Telehealth and COVID Rule Updates

We have compiled an updated chart outlining telehealth cost sharing and rules for each commercial insurance carrier. Please email to request your copy.